Franciscan Life and Nature

We are Poor Clares: ours is a life of prayer and praise dedicating our moment to moment to give life to the Gospel. Through this website the Sisters of the Order of Saint Clare (Poor Clares) we try to make ourselves present in the wide world that internet-network supplies by allowing you to know our community, our monastery and the enclave where is located.

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An Atmosphere of
Serene Harmony

Saint Clare Monastery of Artebakarra stands on the hillock of Artebakarra, which translated from Basque language means lonely oak, near Derio city (Bizkaia). The location is surrounded by nature being part of Txorierri’s valley that means valley of birds.

We are lucky to live in a delightful countryside even though we are only near 15 km distance from Bilbao city centre. This special character of the setting can be typified by being in full nature and at the same time with the peculiarity of being at a short minutes distance from Bilbao city centre, well connected by public service and good communication access.