In behalf of the monastic community we thank you for your willingness to volunteer at Saint Clare Monastery of Artebakarra. We are grateful you have chosen to share your time and talents with us, so be very welcome.

The Saint Clare Monastery of Artebakarra Friends-Volunteer Program is gradually growing.

Groups of volunteers are organized within the Program, friends and neighbours, of different age, retirees and students offering their time and talents at Saint Clare Monastery, as partner their talents with the sisters in order to construct a stronger community.

As volunteers in monastery projects they strengthen the efforts of our monastic community being a “School of the Lord’s Service”. By complementing one another’s skills, volunteers spend the morning or afternoon being part of the extended family of our community, sharing in the prayer and good works with the Sisters in fraternal charity that rise up to Heaven as a song of praise and Glory to God.


The volunteer program is meant to be recognized as a source for connecting Saint Clare’s monastery with the wider community and so, spread the richness of the contemplative life in the Diocese of Bizkaia.

The purpose is to invite lay people (friends and acquaintances) to the monastery in the spirit of hospitality so that they may be part of the Eucharist, Lauds or Vespers and so, knowing the community and sharing different activities as: Lectio of Adults, The Oratories for Young / Children, the retreats and talks for those who are not aware of the value of prayer in a contemplative life.

We also let then know they could ask the community to pray for a special intention, a prayer request.

We are very grateful and are always very welcome to receive the financial help of our friends: this means an important contribution to the ongoing ministries and needs of Saint Clares Monastery.

The volunteers contribute to the maintenance of the monastery; they also provide the means of different channels for the sale of the products done by our sisters of Saint Clare Monastery of Belorado.

Another contribution of our volunteers is to share our Retreats at Saint Clare Monastery Guesthouse.

Volunteers can also be a channel for letting us know those needs of our brothers living in the XXI Century cities so they let us know to pray for a specific intercessions for those intentions or a prayer request.

Volunteers always welcome to joint us in the various needs as maintenance tasks as painting, picking up fruits, assembling the cardboard for our shop products and… more needs that are always welcome.


No es fácil la labor de las Hermana en los tiempos que corren y por eso ¡es importante tu ayuda!

Por esta razón, pedimos que nos apoyen y suscriban al Programa
imprimiendo, rellenando y enviando a los formularios
que tienen a continuación, así podremos enviarles más información, invitarles a algunos
eventos y actividades que son propias solo de los Amigos de las Clarisas de Artebakarra.

Registration form

Direct bank debit form document


There is a big deal of work here in the monastery; sometimes it is not easy for the sisters so your helping hand is so important for us.

For this reason we invite you with your support to the ongoing needs of the Monastery of Saint Clare of Artebakarra and subscribe to the Program Registration. Please, download the registration form document (see below for downloading), filling out the form with your personal details and send it to the next email direction:

So we could let you know about our volunteer needs or opportunities, events as well as activities that are unique to The Friends of Saint Clare Monastery of Artebakarra.

Direct bank debit form document

In case would be of interest, you could check here the page of the Tax Agency regarding in detail information on tax deduction (of donations).

Anonymous Donations

If you would be interested in doing an anonymous donation you can do it in the following BBVA bank account number: ES57 0182 1296 0400 0001 3895. Account holder: MONASTERIO DE SAINTA CLARA (Saint Clare Monastery).



Os invitamos a colaborar con nuestros proyectos. En esta página os iremos compartiendo las inquietudes y necesidades que nos van surgiendo día a día, y que juntos podemos ir consiguiendo. Nos puedes ayudar de muchas maneras: con tu oración, con tu compromiso de trabajo en voluntariado, con ayudas de donativos. Desde ahora te agradecemos ya tu interés y colaboración. ¡Gracias!