Next to the monastery hall main entrance we have a small shop -which you are very welcome to visit- where we offer chocolates homemade by our sisters of Saint Clare’s Monastery, Belorado (Burgos).

Among our wide variety of products the star product are the assorted chocolate truffle of 7 flavours; assorted chocolates bars of 6 flavours; chocolate-covered orange peel sticks; “rocks” made with wafer and chocolate bars of 7 different flavours.

We also have arts and crafts done by the Sisters of Bethlehem (France) of polychrome woodwork and dolomite, hand painted icons, being a beauty in interiority and harmony.

Monastery shop timetable

From 10:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.
04:30 p.m. to 06:45 p.m.

You also can order our chocolate products by calling us at 671 54 85 20 or by our online store website: